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Hello all you beautiful dog lovers!!!


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The story of us...

Must Love Dogs was born on the 23rd of October 2010. I was the pioneer in the so-called, "luxury dog care" movement - many people though I was a little crazy & that a concept like mine it wouldn't work - but I knew it would!


MLD was a divine calling which was birthed when I was going through a difficult time in my life & I needed somewhere lovely for my own girls Janee & Leia to go - there was nowhere. My girls not only changed my life, but saved it, and subsequently inspired me to create change in the industry - allowing us all to look at demanding better options when it comes to how we treat & care for our special family members.


Many people who haven't used my services - assume I am a huge operation, which is a compliment - however quite far from the truth. I am MLD & MLD is me. I run my business very intimately, and I know all my "guest's" personalities, eccentricities and uniqueness the way I know my own dogs. They are a part of my heart, a part of my family, and often times take up a part of my bed! 



I take the happiness, health, and care of every dog entrusted to me very seriously - you could say I am obsessed, and that is why my reputation is what it is. I'm literally "the Crazy Dog Lady."


I don't just love dogs, I like, REALLY, love them, on a deep soul level. So much. There is a special group of people out there who understand what I mean by this - and those kinds of people are who end up being my best clients.


Watching dogs who had never connected with other dogs - finally learn to play and have fun makes my heart skip a beat, & my body comes alive with "goosies'. It's at that moment, that everything is right in the world.


I write this in memory and gratitude for my most beautiful angel, my Princess Leia, who closed her eyes in this world and opened them in another on the 23rd July 2018. Mommy loves you forever!


To everyone who has entered my space & appreciated what I do, thank you!


Lots of love,


Ineke xx

MLD Creator & Hotel Mommy



Must Love Dogs
Love Friends Magic
"Specialists in small dog care"

- Since 2010


  1. Must be16 weeks & older

  2. Must be small breeds up to Cocker Spaniel height

  3. Regret no large breed mixes.

  4. Regret no bull breeds


  1. Must be sterilized by no later than 6 months (Male & Female)

  2. Males must be neutered a month ahead of holiday.


  1. Must visit ahead of time for their informal "interview."

  2. Must be social, need not be "social butterflies."

  3. Must be ready to make friends, have fun & be loved!


  1. Must be vaccinated every 3 years.

  2. Must be de-wormed & have a tick & flea preventative.

  3. Must be vaccinated against Kennel Cough

  4. All babies are supervised 24/7

  5. Ineke stays at MLD.