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The story of us...

Must Love Dogs was born on the 23rd Oct 2010. I was the pioneer in the so called, "luxury dog care" movement - many people though I was a little crazy & that it wouldn't work - but that didn't matter one bit to me. MLD was a divine calling which was inspired by my beautiful angels & teachers Princess Leia & Lady Jane, who not only changed my life, but saved it  - and subsequently navigated my life towards my joy & bliss - my passion - Must Love Dogs.

Many people who haven't used my services - assume I am a huge opertion, which is a compliment - however quite far from the truth. I am MLD & MLD is me - I run my business very intimately, and I know all my guests personalities, eccentricities and uniqueness the way I know my own babies - like the back of my hand, they are a part of my heart, a part of my family - and that's how it will always remain.

I take the happiness, health and care of every soul enrusted to me very seriously - you could say I am obsessed, and that is why my reputation is what it is. I'm literally "the Crazy Dog Lady." MLD is my child, my baby, my proudest moment - my soul in living motion and one of the biggest reasons I have purpose - through being of service to the babies I care for, with absolute reverence gratitude, focus and love.

Watching babies who had never connected with other babies finally learn to play and have fun makes my heart skip a beat, my body come alive with goosies and in that moment - everything is right in the world, in the universe. Every time I walk outside and see my tribe - my hotel babies relaxing, learning, growing being free and unabashed in my beautiful fence free environment - I well up & can't quite express the extent of my humble gratitude. What an honour- what a gift!

I write this in memory and gratitude for my most wonderful gift, angel & guide - my Princess Leia, who closed her eyes in this world, and opened them in another on the 23rd July 2018. She' is still with me in spirit and in every breath I take - she looks after all of us, always. Without my precious girl, my life would have had no meaning - I wouldn't have learned to love myself and wouldn't have had any reason to fix myslf and become a better human.

To everyone who has entered my beautiful space & appreciated what I do, and the magic created in my little piece of heaven - thank you! Thank you for the years of loyalty & trust and for allowing me to love, get to know, and enjoy experiencing your amazing soul babies. I am so proud to have created something so special, and to have the privelage and honour of continuing to make a difference in their life experiences. MLD is my saving grace, my medicine, my love,  I am home...


Thank you & I can't wait to meet you & your beautiful baby/s!


With all my love,

Ineke <3












Must Love Dogs (Pty) Ltd


Since 2010

17 Howard Avenue, Chartwell, 2195

Company reg: 2015/132753/07

VAT no: 4110279157

In order for the magic of what you see in my video to take place, I have the following requirements:


  1. I only care for babies who are sterilized & up to date with all their vaccinations, including the bi-annual Kennel Cough vaccination. They should have a tick & flea preventative administered & be dewormed.

  2. I only care for puppies 16 weeks & older.

  3. Puppies should be sterilzed by 6 months.

  4. I care for babies no taller than Cocker Spaniel height.

  5. I regret that I don't cater to any Bull breeds.

  6. Before any booking is made I require that all babies & their parents meet with me for an informal "Interview" where we all get to meet & build a trusting relationship, at the same time  assessing your baby/s temperament & affording them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with my environment.

  7. Once this is done - my documentation must be filled in & sent back, an invoice will follow. 50% deposit will secure your booking.

  8. Babies who book for December must have stayed at MLD for a minimum of 3 nights first

  9. I work strictly by apointment & punctuality is appreciated & favoured.