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I sit here this evening...with Annie the caramel, long haired Dashie snuggling on my lap...and a smorgasbord of my beautiful, furry companions holding space with me while I write these words. They all are experts at living in the now...they have no expectation from me this minute, barring just being in my presence, sharing this moment, being with me, breathing in the same comforting warm air. 

Whether I write or what I write about at this point, and whether I share anything at all on social media this evening, doesn’t matter one bit, because what happens in the moments in between, the moments the camera doesn’t capture...the moments when no one is looking, the moments we don’t talk about, the moments we all live together, those are the ones I love the most, the ones that matter...They are our gold, they are what I feel very protective about. Those moments are what we all take with us. The ones no one else can fully understand or that we could ever explain. We feel them, we are them. Those are Ours. 

All that matters right now, is that I am here, that I love them, and that we are a part of each other’s journeys in this world we experience together, sometimes more briefly, sometimes more prolonged, and sometimes very fleetingly. The thing is, I never forget anyone who passes through my doors. Because the minute they do, they enter and etch themselves into my heart and the depths of my being, and we change each other. 

Must Love Dogs started off so differently to what it has become. It’s so much more than just a concept. It’s this moment with Kelly snoring in the corner, Halo cleaning his paws, and Hope and Aldo having a moment at the glass reception door. Just me and the babies. Just us. That’s where the magic happens...where my creation, my beautiful baby transformed from a dream into something tangible and palpable...not luxury accommodation, but an experience that none of us forget, full of lessons, moments where we couldn’t help but laugh, where we felt the joy of a new friend, the lesson in respecting the energy and space, understanding boundaries, and remembering that we are all here to learn from each other. 

MLD is my absolute pleasure and my absolute pain. I feel so responsible for the happiness and health of all my little specials, and I’ve had to learn that I can only do my very best, which is a moot comment to make to be frank, as that is the natural and only gear I have when It comes to my animal teachers. I am, and we all are blessed, and we know it, thank you! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, the time to watch some of our memories, and thank you for the love and support and positivity. I appreciate all who trust me to love and influence and revere their special family members, my tribe, the ones that make my heart feel alive and able to love so intensely. 

My babies saved my life 11 years ago, and all the babies I meet subsequently give me purpose and pleasure, and keep saving my life over and over every day. I thank you for ever, and will never forget. 

Lots of love, 


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